Saturday, 2 July 2016

Japanese Cooking: Bento Boxes

 On Thursday, we spent the afternoon creating some delicious Japanese cuisine! We learned about the trend for kyaraben (cartoon bento boxes) and oekakiben (picture bento boxes) in Japan. As it isn't always easy to persuade children to eat healthy food, many Japanese parents have started to create tasty artwork for their children's lunches!
Source: pinterest
We loved looking at these pictures, but it was much more fun to design and make our own cartoon or picture bento boxes! Using lots of healthy ingredients, we created these fabulous designs:

Did your bento box taste as good as it looked?!


mina said...

i really enjoyed making the bento boxes. The ones that the japan parents make are fantastic!

Daniel :{) said...

The Bento Boxes were amazing it was fun to make them. My one tasted YUMMY

Jessica said...

They all looked sooooooooo yummy!

Venus !! :) said...

I hope you guys enjoyed your Bento boxes, they look really good!! :)

Christopher ;] said...

they where so yummy!!

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