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Sadako and Letters to the U.N.

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On Thursday, we learned about the tragic bombing of Hiroshima on 6th August, 1945 at 8:15am. Through the story of 'Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes', we learned about what happened at Hiroshima and the effects that lasted for many years beyond.

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We had a long and interesting P4C session; each group suggested a fascinating question and the class voted to discuss, 'Why do some countries still have nuclear bombs, after the experience of Hiroshima?'

Following our discussion, all of the children were fired up with strong opinions about this topic. We decided that we should write to someone, to share our views. The children were very keen to spread Sadako's prayer for peace:
'This is our cry,
This is our prayer,
Peace in the world.'

After some discussion, we decided that the United Nations would be the most sensible choice.

We posted the letters on Friday, and we are hopeful that they will respond. We have received two letters from the government this year in response to our letters; hopefully the U.N. will also write back to us!

Here are some of the powerful and emotive letters that the children wrote to the U.N.:

 By Gracie

 By Kenan
By Rory

 By Blessie

 By Jack N.

 By D

By Finn


Daniel :{) said...

I liked the story of Sadako but it was also very sad. And i hope that the UN really understand about what we wrote in our letters

Jessica said...

It's a very sad story but it shows how all children want is peace but they can't have their say.vAnd her story has become world famous and I can say that I am 100% glad it is!

Maria said...

It was quite sad about the story of Sadako. I hope they stop nuclear bombs!

Anonymous said...

i like your website and all the work you put on it! keep it up :)

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