Friday, 27 June 2014

Cakes Cakes Cakes!!

Here are some of the delicious cakes that we will be selling tomorrow at the SUMMER FAIR! We each made two cakes- one with a Mexican theme and one with any design we liked. Here we are in action decorating the cakes....

See you tomorrow at St. Anthony's Summer Fair from 12-3pm. Come and taste our scrumptious cakes!

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Dulwich Picture Gallery

Today we had another lovely day at Dulwich Picture Gallery. This afternoon we learned all about landscapes. We looked at some paintings of landscapes from 300 years ago and then some by Ben and Winifred Nicholson, which are much more modern. We learned about the difference between abstract and figurative paintings.

Source: Ben Nicholson, Dulwich Picture Gallery

Then we each took a polystyrene tile outside and stood on it on the gravel path- it created a great texture! Following that, we went into the studio and drew around our tile, then filled the rectangle with an abstract pattern of colours. Our teacher, Jo, explained the difference between hot and cold colours and asked us to pick one or the other to use for our abstract background. Can you tell which of these are hot colours and which are cold?

When our backgrounds were complete, we used biros to design abstract landscapes, using lots of lines on our tiles. We looked at some paintings of landscapes by David Hockney for inspiration.

Source: David Hockney,

Then we started the fun and messy printing process. Firstly, we had to roll out the ink on the ink plate. Next, we had to roll the ink onto our polystyrene tile.

Then we placed our tile on top of our background image and used a printing press to push the image on the tile onto the background.


Here are some of the beautiful finished masterpieces!

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Art in St. George's This Week

This week we have already created some lovely artwork. Today Mrs Cook and I put the beautiful Michelangelo masterpieces on the ceiling.

Why do you think we chose to display them on the ceiling?

Last week we started our Mexican God's Eyes. God's Eyes are traditionally made for a celebration or a blessing and can be given as a gift to a newborn baby. We learned about them at the Horniman Museum on Thursday, then began to make our own on Friday. This week we finished them- here are the wonderful final products:

Amazing Athletes!

St. George's Class are fantastic athletes! We came third in the athletics competition today- against 7 schools from across Southwark. Everyone ran, jumped and threw wonderfully and we won lots of events! Everyone was well-behaved and we saw some excellent sportsmanship. Very well done everybody. Special congratulations go to our event winners- see the list below.


Plamedi- 60m sprint
Aisling- 100m sprint
Roderick- 100m sprint
Molly- 200m sprint
Kate- 200m sprint
Joseph- 400m race
Aisling- 500m race
Michael- Hurdle jumps

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Trips this week

 Source: canstock

Tomorrow morning (Wednesday) we are attending an athletics competition at Peckham Rye. You will need your PE kit, trainers, a water bottle and a packed lunch. Remember to put sun cream on in the morning before coming to school.

Source: Dulwich Picture Gallery

On Thursday, we will be going to Dulwich Picture Gallery. You will need a packed lunch.

It's going to be another fun week for St. George's Class!

Michelangelo Masterpieces!

Today we learned about Michelangelo and how he painted the Sistene Chapel. We looked at some beautiful pictures of the chapel's ceiling and considered how Michelangelo might have painted it. We discovered that he constructed scaffolding and painted the ceiling lying on his back.

Source: DGW Photography

Then we tried to make some masterpieces of our own... whilst lying on our backs and painting on paper above us! It was very tricky and lots of fun.

Here are some of the finished pieces- very impressive when you consider that they were created upside down!