Thursday, 18 September 2014

Bread of Life Cafe

Today we had a fantastic trip to the Bread of Life Cafe on Barry Road. We had a great time interviewing Mary and Michelle about running a cafe. They answered lots of questions for us and we learned some very useful and interesting information. They taught us about choosing a menu, health and safety, special offers, advertising and fair trade.

We were very lucky to be given a tour of the cafe, including the kitchen and the Fair Trade Centre.


What was the most interesting thing you learned?

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Amazing Art- Still Life

Today we continued with our fruit-themed week- take a look at these fantastic drawings! We drew the fruit still life, focusing on using a range of shades and looking carefully at how the shapes of the fruits overlapped each other.

Here are some beautiful examples:

Following our drawings, we had our first experiment with watercolour paints. Each table had a different selection of fruit from around the world, with different textures and colours.

We practised mixing the colours to get the shades we wanted and blended the paints on our artwork.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Fruit Poems

Following our morning as advertisers, this afternoon we became poets! We worked together to write a class poem about mangoes, using the ladder technique. Lots of children suggested lines for the poem, which we wrote on strips of paper and blutacked to the board. Then we moved them around until we had the lines in the correct order and put in some breaks for verses. Finally, we edited the punctuation and wrote the title for our poem; 'Marvellous Mangoes'.

Here is our fantastic final poem:

Marvellous Mango

Mango, mango, a tropical treat,
They taste as sweet as Skittles.

Mini mangoes are so juicy,
Such a sweet smell.

Curved like a rugby ball,
Shiny as the sun,
Yellow as a lemon,
But tastes as sweet as a strawberry.

Refreshing and cool as a cucumber,
Tooth-breaking stone hiding in mouth-watering flesh.

Marvellous mangoes are the best.

By St. George's Class

Can you spot any alliteration? Can you see a simile?

After writing this super poem, we each wrote our own poem about our favourite fruit. Following our first draft, we wrote them into the shape of our fruit. Here are some excellent examples:

Fabulous Fruit!

Today we had a day filled with fruit! We have been working as advertisers and poets to show the public just how wonderful fruit can be!

We started our project by investigating some adverts on television that are aimed at children. Take a look at some of them below:

Source: youtube

We discussed the techniques that were used in these adverts. We noticed that they all used:
  • Humour
  • Cartoons or popular characters
  • Celebrities
  • Special offers
  • Bright, eye-catching colours
  • Fun music
  • Promises of improving your life (This will give you more energy! This drink will make you a better footballer!)

We then looked at some written adverts and noticed that they used many of the same techniques. We also learned about RHETORICAL QUESTIONS and IMPERATIVE VERBS. These were used in lots of adverts.

It was clear that many of the foods and drinks advertised for children were not healthy. We decided to use these successful techniques to make our own adverts, but for healthy foods.

Each of us chose a fruit to advertise. Here are some fantastic examples:

Monday, 15 September 2014

Brick Lane

Source: lifetimetv

We have started our new topic- learning about 'Food in London'! Last week, we found out about Brick Lane, in East London. We learned that it is a perfect place to help us learn about some of the groups of people who have immigrated to London since the 1700s. We learned about many of these groups of people and some of the reasons why they might have chosen to move to East London. We used some old photographs and looked at some maps to be 'detectives' and see what we could learn about Brick Lane.


We discovered that London has such a marvellous mixture of foods because we are lucky to live in such a multicultural city. As people move to London from countries all around the world, they bring their food and recipes with them. This has made London a city rich with variety.

Source: flickr

We learned about the restaurants that were on Brick Lane in the past and about some which are there today. We even made posters persuading people to visit!

On Friday, we tasted some new foods from around the world! The variety of food we tasted included; dates from Tunisia, plantain from Jamaica, pretzels from Poland, cake from Somalia and chapattis from India.

What was your favourite food? Did you try anything you hadn't had before?

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Where's Mrs Parrott?

Take a look at our fantastic Where's Wally-style puzzle challenge! We worked together as a class to make this beach scene.

Can you find Mrs Parrott, Mrs Cook and Mr. Croft hiding in the picture?! Look closely!

Click the photos to make them bigger. If you can't see us hiding in this picture, come and look at the real thing in our classroom window!

Saturday, 6 September 2014

School Council


Congratulations to MARIA and ISAAC, who were chosen to be our class representatives in the School Council. We are all sure that they will do an excellent job. They were chosen because their classmates thought they were considerate, confident and would set a great example with their behaviour and hard work. Well done!

Saving Fred

One beautiful summer afternoon, Fred was out on the lake in his boat, enjoying the sunshine. Suddenly, the sky darkened as a huge storm struck; the winds whipped around him and the rain poured. The torrential rain and frightening winds surrounded poor Fred and soon his boat was turned over. Poor Fred, a worm, cannot swim. As the storm blew past and the air settled, Fred was stranded on top of his boat and his lifesaving rubber ring was trapped underneath his boat.

On Thursday, the children in St. George's Class had to work in teams to save poor Fred, the worm! They had to get Fred into his life ring to save him from drowning.

There were a few things that made their mission more complicated:
  • Fred can't swim, so he couldn't fall into the water (touch the table).
  • The children could only use paper clips to touch Fred, the boat or the life ring.
  • They could not injure Fred in any way.
It was a difficult challenge, but eventually all of the teams worked together to save Fred. Here's how they got on:

Once they had completed their mission, each group had to work together to explain how they saved Fred. They had to give a step-by-step explanation of what they did and use diagrams to show clearly how he was saved:

Well done everyone! What was the most difficult part of this challenge?

Hula Hoop Horror!

On Wednesday, a strange notice appeared at school:

We were all rather confused... what might have happened? After some discussion, we decided that it must have been something awful. Our suggestions included: man-eating Hula Hoops, someone turning into a Hula Hoop from eating too many, aliens invading in Hula Hoop packets and Hula Hoops starting a war in London!

It was clear that we had to do something about this situation, so we wrote letters to Mrs Day, our new headteacher. We had to tell her what had happened and explain why Hula Hoops had to be banned! Here are some fantastic examples. Click the pictures to make them larger and easier to read: