Monday, 12 December 2016


 Source: YouTube, Edward Monkton

This week, our P4C session was definitely our best discussion yet. We watched a fantastic video; 'The Pig of Happiness' as our stimulus and had a very grown up discussion. We talked about what happiness is and whether you would miss it if you had never had it. We wondered whether, in a world without happiness, you could feel sadness. Different children explained their ideas using images of scales, or comparisons to light and dark. Without having seen the light, would you know if it was dark? Without ever being happy, could you be sad? Do you need to have experienced the opposite to be able to understand it? Some children have even started to make links between previous P4C sessions, drawing on ideas from past discussions we have had. Wow!

Here are the questions we came up with this week:

1. Can everyone have happiness in their lives?
2. What would the world be like without happiness?
3. Can happiness mentally disturb you? (This group explained that they were wondering whether too much happiness can be bad for you.)
4. How and why does happiness spread?

The question we voted to discuss was: 'What would the world be like without happiness?'

At the end of our discussion this week, everyone in the class offered an interesting and insightful final thought. Well done everyone!

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Another Super Week!

We have had another great week in St. Clare's Class!

On Wednesday, we visited the LifeBus. We had an interesting lesson and learned lots more about our bodies and the importance and dangers associated with how we treat them. We learned about drugs, smoking and alcohol and how they can be harmful to us. To end the session, we spent some time considering how to make the right choices and how to say 'No,' when we need to. It was a fascinating session and we came away with a greater knowledge about how to stay safe and well.
On Thursday, we had a fantastic trip to the Dulwich Picture Gallery. We worked with Jo, a professional artist, in the workshop to design and make our own World War One medals.

Firstly, we designed the symmetrical ribbons, using wax pastels and inks. We used this resist technique to make the ribbons look old and worn.

Next, we designed and made the tiles to print our medals.

Then, we applied the metallic printing ink.

We used the printing press to create our final images.
On Friday, after our marvellous performance in our assembly, we neared the end of our class novel; The Silver Donkey, and wrote some fantastic pieces to show how we think the book will end.

We also enjoyed analysing a poem about conscription and discussing the emotions involved for those left behind in the Great War.
In the afternoon, after another excellent P4C session, we spent some time writing Christmas letters and cards to our Post Pals. They have been posted off this weekend, so we hope that they will arrive soon to put smiles on the faces of some children who will be in hospital, or very unwell, over Christmas.

Next week, we have a very busy festive week!

Monday: Your last swimming session- don't forget your kit!
Tuesday: All of Upper School will be going to St. Thomas More for the Advent mass.
Wednesday: Christmas lunch!
Thursday: We will be watching the Key Stage 1 Nativity Play and we'll write our list to go up for the class Christmas party (food and drink!)
Friday: In the afternoon, we will be heading to church again for the Christmas Carol Concert.

The following week:
Monday: Our class Christmas Party!
Tuesday: CARE awards assembly, possibly Toy Day and the last day of term! School will close at 2pm.

Well Done!


A HUGE congratulations, St. Clare's Class, on a very successful class assembly on Friday! You were wonderful!

Everyone performed brilliantly and the films were enjoyed by everyone in the audience. We have had lots of lovely comments from children, staff and parents/carers- everyone loved your performance. Well done.

I'm very proud of you and you should all be very proud of yourselves!

Thank you to all of the parents, carers and families who came to support the children. We hope you enjoyed it.

Friday, 2 December 2016

A Wonderful Week!

We have had a fantastic week, with two trips! We are truly becoming experts on World War 1 in Year 5!

On Wednesday, we visited the Remembering 1916 exhibition at Whitgift School in Croydon. We had a brilliant day and learned so much.

On Thursday, we started to put together our presentations about particular artefacts that we saw. We even had the opportunity to handle some of the objects- and try on some helmets!

On Thursday afternoon, we edited and completed our WW1 Silent Movies. They are all ready for their grand unveiling at the World Premiere next Friday morning at 9am.

Today, Year 5 visited the Imperial War Museum. We now know so much about World War One, we could each write our own book!

Next week is another busy week. On Wednesday, we will visit the LifeBus at church (11- 12:30 if any parents could help to walk us over the road) and on Thursday, we will be visiting Dulwich Picture Gallery for a fantastic WW1-themed art workshop. On Friday, it's our class assembly! The world premiere of 'Silly Soldiers', 'The Useless Soldiers', 'Catch That Rat!' and 'The Clown Soldier'.