Thursday, 30 January 2014

Isle of Tune

Today we played a fantastic new game. We experimented with programming to create our own island and to make music- at the same time!

Isle of Tune is a great game, in which you create an island that makes tunes. First you create your road network. Then you add other objects to the streets. Each item you add to your island (houses, trees, bushes etc.) plays a musical note. You can then change the notes and sounds that each item makes.

Once you have created your road network, you can add up to 3 cars. As each car passes an object along the roadside, it plays the note you have programmed. We had lots of fun with this today!

To play the game at home, click this link:

Remember to check with an adult before playing any other games or clicking other links.

Angry Bird-Proof Shelters

This week we have been investigating the war between the birds and the pigs. We wrote letters of complaint to the council from King Pig- he was fed up of having his neighbourhood destroyed by the birds! Following this, we held a court case to decide who was at fault in this long-standing conflict. The court report will be on the blog soon!

Today we decided to help the pigs by being architects and designing Angry Bird-proof shelters for them. Take a look through the slides below to see how we thought we could protect the pigs from attack.

Information Books

Last week we learned how to research and write information books. We have added to our book corner with 5 excellent books about the Ancient Greeks and 5 fascinating guides to the Angry Birds.

We used our ICT skills to create the front and back covers for the books. You can see these below, for the full books you'll have to visit our classroom and come to see the Angry Birds display...

Well done teams!

Tagxedo Angry Birds Verbs

Last week, we used a fun website called Tagxedo to make word clouds with our Angry Birds verbs. Here are some excellent examples:

 By Aimee






Here are some other experiments we made- just for fun!








If you want to make some fun word clouds and text shapes of your own, try it here:

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Silent Movies

It is time for the event the world has been waiting for...

The release of two of the finest movies of the year...

From the St. George Production Company, we present...

Late for School

The Pencil Case Chase

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Our Class Poem

Source: fluffyfeathers.blogspot

The Angriest Birds

The ping of the slingshot as painful as a papercut between the fingers,
As angry as a crazy crocodile,
Accelerating like Usain Bolt's trainers,
Whizzing through the air like a red hot tomato,
Flying like a tiny grenade,
Screaming like a skidding bus.

Explosive eggs dropping for destruction,
Sacrificing their lives for hope for the future.

Treacherous towers to pulverise the pigs,
Smashing like a crashing plane,
Exploding so dramatically,
TNT demolishing toppling towers.

By St. George's Class

Which is your favourite line? Why?

Can you spot a simile?

Can you spot some alliteration?

Can you spot an internal rhyme?

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Angry Birds Trailers

When we started our topic, we needed to know why the birds were so angry with the pigs. We watched a short animation to find out their history. We liked the video, but it didn't have any words!

To solve the problem, we worked in groups to draft, rehearse and perfect a playscript for the animation.

At the end of the week, we recorded our playscripts over the animation. Here are the fantastic finished films:

 Table 1

Table 2

Middle Table

 Table 3

Table 4

Angry Birds

 Source: digitaleyesmedia

This week we started our new topic- Angry Birds! It is a fun game with an interesting back story- we will be investigating the characters and why they might behave as they do.

If you want to play the game at home (with the permission of an adult) click the link below:

Yesterday we revised verbs. Once we had played some games about verbs, to remember that they are doing words, we thought of many verbs to show what some of the Angry Birds characters do. Take a look at some of our Angry Birds verbs:

In the afternoon, we used 3D shape nets to make our own Angry Birds. Each child chose a net and assembled the shape, before designing and making the eyes, eyebrows, feathers and beaks to make them look angry!

Here are some furious looking examples!

Well Done St. George's Class!


Congratulations to all of the movie stars of St. George's Production Company. Your film premiere was fantastic! We received lots of lovely comments about our assembly and everyone enjoyed your wonderful silent movies. Very well done!

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Our Class Assembly- This Friday!

On Friday we will be performing our class assembly- the World Premiere of our silent movies!

Source: wpclipart

Make sure you know your lines and bring in your costume before Wednesday. Parents and families, please do come along and watch- we promise to entertain you!

It's going to be fantastic!

Back to School on TUESDAY!

Please remember tomorrow is an INSET day- so children do not need to be back at school until TUESDAY!

We are looking forward to seeing you all- there are lots of fun things planned for this term!

Source: skize

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from Miss Benn and St. George's Class!

2013 was an exciting year- try this Newsround quiz to see whether you can remember the big news stories of the year. Let me know how you get on!