Friday, 17 July 2015

Goodbye and Thank You!

We have had a wonderful year! It was very sad to see you all leave, but it has been a fantastic year and I am very happy to have been one of your teachers. Mrs Herrera, Mrs Cook and I have loved teaching you all this year. I'm looking forward to joining you in Year 5!

I would like to say a huge thank you to you all and your parents and families for the beautiful cards, lovely messages and very generous gifts I have received from you this week. Thank you so much, I am very grateful.

Please do come back and check the blog over the summer (and feel free to keep visiting and commenting next year!)- I will be adding some games and fun bits and pieces over the summer to keep you busy!

Thank you all for being a super class- stay safe this summer; have fun and come back in one piece!!

Goodbye and thank you,

Mrs Parrott xx

Monday, 13 July 2015

A Busy Week Ahead!

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Today we had a fantastic trip to the new Picturehouse cinema on Lordship Lane, in a building that used to house our school! We watched a lovely film called 'Home'- we all enjoyed ourselves!
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On Wednesday, we will be watching the Year 6 play in the morning. In the afternoon we will be having our Summer Class Party. If you have kindly agreed to bring in something for our party, please bring it into school on Wednesday morning. Leavers' Evening will be celebrated on Wednesday at 7pm.

On Thursday, we will have our End of Year Mass at school at 2:15pm. Thursday will also be Toy Day in St. George's. You can bring in a toy from home, but it must not be valuable, electronic or require batteries. Do not bring in anything that you are not happy to share! Cards, board games and soft toys are ideal!

On Friday, we will celebrate the ACE Awards assembly at 9am. School will close for the summer holidays at 2pm.

This year, we will not be sending exercise books and folders home until Christmas. However, please still bring in a carrier bag, as there will be some artwork to come home.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

A Visit from Monsieur Davi

This half term we have been enjoying learning about Togo, so we were absolutely delighted when we were able to welcome a special Togolese visitor to our classroom. Monsieur Davi was a fantastic guest, who taught us lots about life in Togo and about the many languages spoken there. As a linguist and former teacher, he was able to share lots of knowledge about Africa with us.

Monsieur Davi also brought some Togolese foods to show us and even set us the challenge of designing some posters to advertise Togolese food such as cassava, cocoa beans, coffee beans, palm nuts, okra and corn.

He was very impressed by the children's knowledge and interest in Togo. Thank you for coming to visit us, Mr. Davi!

Out Of This World Poetry!

We have always known that the children in St. George's Class were out of this world when it came to poetry, but now it has been proven! Some poems written by children in our class have been selected to be published in a book of poetry. Very well done if your poem was chosen!

Togo Art

Last week, we learned about Adinkra cloth- a beautiful textile art from West Africa. We looked at some of the symbols and their meanings, then designed some of our own. We then carved our own stamps from potatoes and printed some Adinkra cloth. What do you think?

We also experimented with watercolour paints last week, and made some lovely reverse silhouettes with a Togolese theme. We designed our stencil and cut it out carefully, then held it in place on the paper while we painted the background around it using watercolours. Then, when we removed the stencil, we were left with these stunning pictures:

New Maths Games!

We have been enjoying playing 'Multiplication Battle' with our playing cards in St. George's this half term. Last week, we developed a new game called 'Spiral Multiplication'. It was great fun! See if you can find some playing cards (take out the picture cards first) and teach someone at home how to play!