Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Chapter 2!

It's what we've all been waiting for... chapter 2 of Antonio's fantastic story! Well done Antonio! It's great to see you writing for fun at home.

A Special Message for St. George's Class

A Challenge from the King

Thursday, 21 February 2013

George the Rhino

Last half term, we were very privileged to have two professional artists come to work with us. We spent lots of time before they came working on our paper rolling and folding skills. We learnt to roll magazine pages into very strong sticks that could be used for building:

Licy and Phillippa were great teachers. They were good fun and taught us lots of ways to work with paper. We started by making bridges and buildings using paper; here are some examples:

We worked together with Licy and Phillippa from Young Visions for 3 days to make our rhino. We began by making the feet and legs,

Then we added the skeleton of the body, before using a different technique to make the skin.

We made the head, horns, eyes and ears and attached those next.

We decided to leave a window in the skin, so that you can see inside the rhino to see how he was made. We added coils and spirals to decorate him.

We really enjoyed this project- it was messy and required lots of concentration and we all worked well as a team to complete it.

The class decided to call him George the Rhino. He will be the star of an exhibition in the Vibe Gallery at the end of June.

A huge thank you to Licy and Phillippa and thank you to everyone who donated magazines. We hope you agree that they were recycled in an exciting way!
Our rhino is made only of paper and the children made it all!

Agatha's Rhino Story!

It is great to see so many of you enjoying writing stories at home- I always love to read them! Here is another excellent example of a story written at home by Agatha. Great writing Agatha!

Click on the picture to make it bigger and easier to read:

Great job, Agatha!

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Titanic Survivors Podcast

This week we finished our work about the Titanic. We have all found it fascinating! On Thursday we concentrated on the survivors of the Titanic tragedy, following an exciting chapter in Kaspar Prince of Cats. We learnt about who survived and how and what happened to them afterwards.

We watched these videos about real survivors of the disaster.

Then, we used our drama skills to role play journalists in New York interviewing survivors as they arrived on the Carpathia.

Click the link below to listen to our podcast of our interviews:

Here are some other interesting links about the Titanic, if you would like to find out even more!

Amazing photos of the wreck of the Titanic (like those we saw last week)

A great interactive diagram of the Titanic- take a look at all the different areas of the ship:

A quiz about the Titanic (there are only 3 questions, but you can play more than once and it gives you different questions):

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Anna- Our Roman Numerals EXPERT!

Source: clubhouseacademy.BlogSpot
A special mention today must go to ANNA who found she had a great talent for reading and writing Roman Numerals. She quickly became our class expert and we were all very impressed!
 *** Well done Anna! ***

Chinese New Year- part 2!

I set you a tricky challenge this week; to use your imagination to present what you have found out about Chinese New Year in an original and interesting way. You amazed me! Here are some super examples of the work St. George's class produced at home over the weekend.

Take a look at Ella W.'s slideshow:

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Titanic Terror!

We have been enjoying Kaspar Prince of Cats and we are particularly interested by the chapters set on the Titanic. This week we have looked at non-fiction books, videos, websites and newspapers to learn more about the Titanic disaster. We imagined what it would be like to board the Titanic and learnt about the different conditions for first, second and third class passengers. Our most fascinating lessons, however, were when we discovered what happened in the build up to the crash with the iceberg and what happened afterwards.

Towards the end of the week, the children of St. George's class became journalists. They gathered information, took eye witness statements and wrote a newspaper article about the Titanic sinking.

Here are some excellent examples (click on the pictures to make them bigger and easier to read):

 By Amelie
By Sofia

By Calum

 By Anna
By Aoife

Next week, we will be reading more of Kaspar Prince of Cats and learning more about the survivors of the Titanic disaster.

Antonio's Super Story!

This week, Antonio brought in a great story that he had written at home. When he read it to the class, we all agreed that it should go onto the blog so that even more people could enjoy it! Excellent work Antonio, well done!

Click on the pictures to see a bigger and clearer version!

Chinese New Year!



Happy New Year! The year of the snake starts tomorrow. These links might help with your homework; to find out about Chinese New Year. I'm sorry they were not on the blog earlier, as promised, but my computer was not behaving itself!

Enjoy! Gung hay fat choy!