Saturday, 2 July 2016

A Fantastic Trip!

 Yesterday, we had another wonderful morning at Dulwich Picture Gallery- special thanks to Stephanie's mum, who helped us out at very short notice! We spent the morning in the Art Skills room with Jo, creating some beautiful artwork inspired by the gallery's current special exhibition by Winifred Knights. Jo showed us some of Knights' detailed landscape paintings. We were interested to hear that Knights had grown up in Streatham and had attended JAGS- a school near ours!

We began by creating an ink wash, to build the background of our images. Using diluted ink, water and salt, we developed textured and interesting backgrounds. We dried the ink using paper towels and hair dryers, then looked at the abstract shapes that had been left on the paper. Like clouds in the sky, we were able to see pictures and shapes in the patterns on the paper.
Using a range of tools; pencils, dipping pens, skewers and thick twigs, we then used black ink to build on our pieces. We were challenged to create very detailed, intricate landscapes, using the shapes created by our background inkwash as starting points. It was tricky, but great fun, to develop a landscape made up of tiny details and pictures.

Here are some lovely pieces of art, during the process:


Jessica said...

They all looked so beautiful, I loved doing them!

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