Tuesday, 19 January 2016

A New Blog!


St. Anthony's has a new blog! We will be using this exciting new blog to share the very best writing from children throughout the school. There will be lots of exciting writing, competitions and activities there for you to enjoy! Make sure you take a look and leave a comment. St. Clare's, you are experienced bloggers- now it's your time to support those who are new to it- leave them comments, share your top tips and even submit some of your wonderful writing yourselves.
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Here's a post from the editors of 'St. Anthony's Writes':

Do you like writing? When you sit down to write an essay, letter, diary entry- whatever it may be- what is your first reaction? Do you enjoy yourself, or silently groan? Maybe you think you can't do it, or maybe you just get bored.

Whatever it is, our Digital Writing Team are aiming to change that.

Through fun events and competitions, we will work to change your writing experiences for the better. It could be anything from a story, to a poem, to a comic strip, or even a joke- we want to hear from you! You can submit writing that you have done at school, or at home.

Every week, we will update our blog with our favourite samples of writing from St. Anthony's. With the help of our Talent Finders, we will find the best of your work, giving you the chance to have it displayed on the blog for the world to see!

So get informed, get inspired and get involved- because the reality is, everyone can pick up a pen and write! 


Daniel :{) said...

The blog is AMAZBALLS!!!

Jess said...

Wow it's great!

Jess said...

I love writing!

Jess said...

The blog is so fun!

Jada said...

I love the St Anthony's writing blog! We are very lucky to have this blog. They even annouced it in assembly.

Anonymous said...

I love the work I've read so far. Congratulations everyone! It's brilliant that St Anthony's blog is encouraging everyone to write and be creative. Well done, and keep writing everyone!

Anonymous said...

This blog is a fantastic idea. Well done to everyone who set it up and well done for encouraging everyone to write, and well done submitters! We are very lucky to have such enthusiastic and talented students and teachers! Keep writing!

Anonymous said...

please ask the school to include a link to this blog on the main website so it's easier to find!

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