Friday, 22 January 2016

A Day in Camelot!

Today, we have spent much of our day in Camelot! We created our own knights and wrote letters from King Arthur, to explain why they had been chosen to join the Knights of the Round Table and to tell them about the quest they needed to go on.
 By Darcy

 By D

By Jack N.

Some of us wrote such fabulous letters that we were crowned ourselves!

Later in the morning, we read the fourth and final part of 'The Lady of Shalott'- it was a tragic but powerful ending. Mrs Parrott was blown away by our poetry analysis- we identified that the song she sang linked to the funeral songs she heard in Part One. We decided that her white robes had lots of connotations (our new favourite word!)- they made us think of purity, innocence, religious robes, an angel or Jesus- because he was also an innocent person who was killed. We also made a connection to the Bible by noticing that when she died the skies turned black and there was a storm, just like Good Friday. We thought that the darkening skies were definitely a clue that something bad was coming.

The Lady of Shalott, Waterhouse. Source: wikipedia

Then, we looked closely at the structure of Tennyson's 'The Lady of Shalott'. We counted the lines in each verse and noticed the rhyme patterns and repeated phrases. Next, Mrs Parrott challenged us to identify how many syllables or beats were in each line.

We found that the general pattern was:

8   The first four lines rhyme.
7   Ending in 'Camelot'
8   The next three lines rhyme.
6   Usually, 'The Lady of Shalott'

We used this structure to work together to write our own verse for the poem:

The tower beneath a clouded coat,
In the mirror she spied a boat,
She ran down to the willow’d moat,
Upon the prow, her name she wrote,
She floated to tower’d Camelot.
With her dying breaths she started to sing,
Her mournful song, heard by the King,
She died without a knight or ring;
The Lady of Shalott.

By St. Clare’s Class

Finally, we had a try at writing our own verses-
 it was a very tricky challenge! 

 By Francis

 By Elizabeth

 By Mina

By Finn


Jess said...

I love them!

Mina said...

I like poetry and love the ones the whole class do together

Daniel :{) said...

Today was really fun. But the ending of The Lady Of Shalott was so sad

Jack .G said...

There all amazing work .

Jess said...

Fabulous writing guys!

Jess said...


Jada said...

I loved writing about the Lady of Shalott poems. It was tough, but very challenging. It makes us learn all these when we are older.

Caoimhe:) said...

I loved reading the lady of shallot.:)

Caoimhe said...

Well done! King Arthur's.:)

Elizabeth said...

I loved writing the Lady of Shalott poems. It was quite hard, but easy at the same time.

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