Tuesday, 19 January 2016

A Wonderful Trip!

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Yesterday, we had a fantastic day at Westminster Abbey. We felt very privileged to see areas of the Abbey, including the tomb of Edward the Confessor, that ordinary visitors do not get the opportunity to see! We truly were VIPs for the day!
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Everyone was awestruck by the absolute beauty of the Abbey. We learned about the architecture and how it is designed to draw your eyes up- to remind people that they are there to look to God. Most importantly, we learned about the history of Westminster Abbey.

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Our excellent guides taught us so much about Edward  the Confessor; his life (including a fascinating story about a very special ring), his work and his family.

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We saw where Edward the Confessor was originally buried, then the tomb where he was moved to when the Abbey was rebuilt.

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It was fantastic to view the Coronation Chair in real life- following our research last week!
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A stand-out moment for many of us was the opportunity to sit in the choir's seats. We had seen them on television at Christmas and the Royal Wedding!
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We took some time to reflect on the religious nature of the building and we said a special prayer and lit a candle for our own intentions, after viewing the grave of the unknown warrior. At 12pm, all of the visitors to the Abbey are asked to stand still and listen to a short prayer and reflection from the Reverend. We were thrilled that he welcomed us personally in his sermon!

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Towards the end of our visit, we visited Henry VII's chapel, also known as the Lady Chapel. It was an astonishing sight; filled with flags and armour, under the most beautiful ceiling most of us had ever seen! We were so impressed, that on our return to school we worked in groups to design and make some Heraldic flags of our own!

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What was the highlight of the day for you?


Daniel :{) said...

My highlight was seeing Edward the Confessor's grave. The trip was amazing

Jack.g said...

It was amazing

Jack.g said...

It was amazing siting in the choir stools

Stephanie said...

The best trip ever!

Emily said...

It was so EPIC I loved it it was so fun can we go again

Elizabeth said...

My favourite part of the trip was the lady chapel. The trip was brilliant.

Blessie said...

I love the trip

Maria said...

The trip was faboulous

Jada said...

I've learnt so much about the trip. I really hope we can go again.

Gracie said...

The school blog is awesome I love it

Elizabeth said...

The trip was fantastic. I really hope we can go again for another trip.

Jess said...

I loved it!

Jada said...

My favourite part of the trip was everything. But if I had to choose on e I would pick Edward the Confessor's tomb. I can't believe we got to see it up close!

Caoimhe:) said...

Westminster Abbey was amazing .:)

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