Sunday, 2 October 2016

Fun at Dulwich Picture Gallery!

We love Dulwich Picture Gallery here at St. Anthony's! They have some very cool activities coming up at the gallery, especially for kids!

Record-Breaker: The World's Longest Landscape

On 14-16th October, you can be a part of an exciting project to draw the world's longest landscape. They will have some amazing special guest illustrators, too.
It's FREE for children.

What a wonderful opportunity!

Find out more here:

Halloween Sleepover

Source: Dulwich Picture Gallery
The gallery will be holding a spooky sleepover in the 'haunted gallery' on Halloween!

Source: Dulwich Picture Gallery

Here's what they have to say about the spooky event:

"This Halloween weekend pack your sleeping bags, grab your PJs and torch and head over to Dulwich Picture Gallery for a spooktacular evening!
Pay a visit to the Gallery’s on-site haunted house, interact with the paintings brought to life by our mystery guests, and create a vintage-inspired Halloween print to take home. Bed down for the night amongst the old masters and wake up to breakfast and a classic film."
Source: Dulwich Picture Gallery


klara said...

Oooooohhhhhh! Spooky sleep over.

gabriel said...

I might go I will ask my mum

samuel said...

im going i hope

aisling said...

sceary it may be hanuted boo that sounds cool

aurora said...

I want to come!

Ryan said...

I might be going i will ask my mum

Evan said...

that looks fun

cecille said...

I can't wait to go to the halloween sleep over.

Yasmin said...

The blog is amazing and I love how we have pictures of the chicks because now they are gone.

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