Thursday, 21 April 2016

Homework Help!

Source: picsaboutspace

This week for your homework, you need to research and create a poster about one of the planets in our solar system.

Remember to include key facts about:
  • How far your planet is from the Sun,
  • Its diameter,
  • Its temperature,
  • How long it takes to rotate and to orbit the Sun,
  • How many moons it has.

Include any other interesting facts you find! Perhaps you could find out where your planet's name comes from?

Here are some websites that you might find helpful:


Daniel :{) said...

Thank you the help Mrs Parrott

Jess said...

Thank you Mrs.Parrott for the help! My planet is Pluto!

Jess said...

Space is so interesting!

Esther said...

Space is a really fun place my favorite planet is Venus

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