Thursday, 21 April 2016

Frost Fairs


Today, as part of our Thames topic, you learned about some rather fascinating historical events! We found out about the Frost Fairs, which were held on the River Thames itself. 

The worst cold spells in Britain occurred between 1550 and 1750. The climate during this time was known as the Little Ice Age, when winters were so cold that the Thames froze over each year. It was not uncommon for the freeze to last over three months, as it did in the winters of 1683 - 1684 and 1715 - 1716.

Source: Telegraph
The first recorded Frost Fair was held on the frozen river Thames in London in 1608. It had tents, sideshows, food stalls and even included ice bowling! The last Frost Fair was held in February 1814.

Why doesn't the Thames freeze any longer?
Source: walklondon

Here is the interesting video from the Museum of London that you saw today:

Source: YouTube, Museum of London

You made some posters advertising a Frost Fair, showing all of the activities and foods on offer. We'll share some on the blog soon!


Jess said...

I can't believe that It was so cold the rive Thames FROZE OVER!

Jess said...

Our new topic is really interesting!

Jess said...

I can't wait to learn more tomorrow!

Jess said...

I wouldn't walk on the river Thames even if it was solid ice! I could fall through!

Stephanie said...

That was fun making the posters.

amelie said...

I love this topic!


we love learning about this topic it is extreamly interesting!

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