Friday, 18 March 2016

Powerful Poetry!

Today, we have been writing more wonderful poetry. We spent some time analysing William Blake's 'The Tyger'.
Source: nassrgrads

The children were able to identify some complex ideas demonstrated in the poem- they discussed Blake's use of metaphors and the connotations of the words he used and why he might have chosen particular combinations. We looked at the rhyme scheme, which led to some impressive linguistic detective work- we realised that the pronunciation of some words in English must have changed since 1794, when the poem was written.

Inspired by Blake, we wrote our own poem about a dangerous animal- the wolf:

Wolf, Wolf, Stalking Death
(After William Blake)

Are you sure you are as frightening as a yeti?

Wicked wolf, eyes piercing through the dark like fireflies illuminating the void,
Its bold grey-coated fur shining in the obscured moonlight,
Creeping silently, covered in pearl white snow, invisible to others,
The blood-thirsty phantom looming through the night forest,
Ravenous beast stalking his fated prey.

The powerful hound dancing with the wind,
Panting with mighty breath, as warm as the logs on the burning fire.

Death-defying animal from the wild, rapidly dashing through the haunted dark forest,
Rattling the sound barrier with its desperate howl,
Its hopeless prey crying out, like a baby without its mum, to its pack,
The blood-curdling beast cloaks its prey,
As fierce as a hyena, the wolf takes a pounce and grabs on with his claws.

Are you as deadly as a Widow Spider? 

By St. Clare's Class


Jess said...

That is the best peom ever! I really enjoyed reading the peom tyger it was really interesting in the language that he put.

Daniel :{) said...

The poem was very powerful and so intresting

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