Friday, 18 March 2016

Bread of Life Cafe!

Yesterday, we had a fantastic trip to the Bread of Life Cafe. As we have been learning about Fairtrade this half term, we were keen to visit Mary again, as we know that she is a Fairtrade expert! Mary- and her husband John- told us all about running a Fairtrade shop and cafe.

We found out about where many of their products come from and why they choose to work for Fairtrade. Mary and John answered lots of our questions and we were able to see their shop and all of their products for sale.

Mary also reminded us that it had recently been Fairtrade Fortnight, with the theme of 'The Big Fairtrade Breakfast'. We designed our own breakfasts using Fairtrade ingredients.

We used lots of what we learned today when we ran our own Fairtrade Cafe to raise money for Oxfam's Fairtrade work. Thank you Mary and John! Make sure you go and visit the shop and cafe at the Bread of Life Centre in East Dulwich- they do great work to support farmers and producers around the world by selling food, gifts and cards.


Jess said...

The bread of life cafe was amazing! They gave us loads of advice and taught us so much about fair trade! They were so kind and helped us become fair trade experts! I loved it ! It was so fun and I can't wait to visit it with my mum again!

Daniel :{) said...

The Bread of Life Cafe an amazing experience

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