Friday, 13 November 2015

World War One Medals

Yesterday we had a fantastic day at Dulwich Picture Gallery. As part of our World War One topic, we looked at some medals awarded in WW1.

We were very lucky to work with Jo again to produce some beautiful medals of our own.

Firstly, we designed the symmetrical ribbons, using wax pastels and inks. We used this resist technique to make the ribbons look old and worn.

Next, we designed and made the tiles to print our medals.

Then, we applied the metallic printing ink.

We used the printing press to create our final images.

Finally, we added a picture of a soldier from WW1 to the centre of our medals.

Here are the completed medals up on display in our classroom:


Daniel :{) said...

it was amazingly fun

Daniel :{) said...

And I can't wait until friendship week

darcy said...

these are AMAZING!

gracie said...

I love all of these medals
#love it

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