Thursday, 12 November 2015

Suffering in Silence, a poem by Kenan

Source: Mary Evans

Suffering in Silence

The soldiers slept through the night,
The bombs shoot down really bright.

"Gunshots," the soldiers say,
They want their enemies to pay.

The soldiers lost one-nil to the frogs,
But they really care about the dog.

The dog watched his friendly soldiers die,
And once a German stared at him,
Gave a look and said, "Look alive?"

The dog was shot and died,
The next day, the dog's soldier owner picked him up.
He cried, "Why?"

By Kenan

This poem was inspired by our study of Wilfred Owen's 'Dolce Et Decorum Est'.


Daniel :{) said...

That is such a great poem. Really well done Kenan

Daniel :{) said...

When did you do it Kenan

Jada said...

That's such an amazing poem! You have a poetic bone Kenan.

Elizabeth said...

That was such a good poem. Well done Kenan.

jess said...

I love his poem it has so much feeling in it

Jada said...

Kenan your poem is good I've been reading it so many times.

harry said...

kenan WOW! youre very poetic

christopher said...

well done kenan

Jack.n said...

that's soooooooooooooo good Kenan!

christopher said...

what a wonderful poem kenan

Amelie said...

well done kenan I could cry because I love dogs

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