Saturday, 21 September 2013

An update on the silkworms!

This is about my silkworms my silkworms can spin about 300,000 loops of silk.Each female lays about 500 eggs. Silk moths do not eat or drink during their lifetime. The adult moth almosts always emerges from in the morning,usually before 9am. A silkworm will eat about 50 times its final weight during its eating period.It hatches to a full grown lavra the silkworms increases in size by 10,000 times.The silkworms will shed their skins 4 times during it larval stage. The silkworm sheds its skin by attaching the tail end of its skin to the surface on what it is resting on. Silk moths cocoons are made from a single strand of silk. One cocoon can be made of up to half a mile of unbroken silk.

By Joseph


alice said...

i love nather

Theadora said...

The silkworms look really intresting they must be lots of fun to play with them

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