Friday, 3 May 2013

The Midnight Sea

Yesterday, we read chapters 3 and 4 of Stone Mouse by Jenny Nimmo- we have enjoyed this book so far. In these chapters there were lots of great descriptive words and phrases about the sea. We collected these adjectives and wrote some phrases of our own onto strips of paper.

We tried to include different senses and we worked together to edit and improve the lines, adding alternative words or word orders.

We worked together to write 12 lines, then blutacked them to the board and moved them around (a lot!) until we found an order that we liked. The class decided that the sea should start calm, get stormy, then be calm again the next morning. Then, we discussed splitting the poem into verses.

Eventually, after lots of discussion, one of the lines 'The gloomy sea,' didn't seem to fit anywhere, so we decided to leave it out. We discussed how poets edit their writing and that sometimes even the best ideas don't belong in one particular poem.

Next, we chose a title from a number of suggestions. We decided that 'The Midnight Sea' was the best choice. We then went through and added the capital letters and punctuation that we thought was necessary.

Here is our poem:

The Midnight Sea
The silent midnight water,
Gleaming moon reflecting on the azure sea,
Shining and glittering,
The whispering ocean.
Swishy swashy waves,
Frills of bubbles,
Waves tipped with pure white foam.
The roaring waves,
Smack the stony sea shore,
The salty smell of darkness choking in your fizzy mouth.
Calm and peaceful water.
By St. George's Class


Chelsea said...

I like the Midnight Sea Poem it tells me alot about Ted throwing Stone Mouse into the water and Elly waking up in the middle of the night to go and look for him.

rm1 hns said...

Hi St George,

We are doing poems as well. We are doing them on Autumn Leaves. We like the poem because it has a lot of descriptive words. The vocabulary is great. Tajae's favourite part is paragraph 2, and my favourite part is paragraph 1. Keep up the good work and make more poems like this.

Tajae and Renitta
Henderson North School

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