Monday, 22 April 2013

Our Romans Information Books

Last week we looked at lots of information books to find out how they are set out and what techniques they use to present information to their readers. Each group researched a certain area of Roman life and then we each planned and wrote our own information pages. Can you spot some of the techniques we used? Can you see any bullet points, sub-headings, information boxes or pictures with captions?

We then jigsawed our groups so that we had new teams. Each member of the team had written a page about a different topic. We put our pages together, added contents pages and glossaries then made an eye-catching front cover. Now we have six new information books about the Romans to put in our book corner!

Group 1: Roman Life

Group 2: All About the Romans

Group 3: Life in the Roman Times

Group 4: Romans

Group 5: Life in the Roman Times

Group 6: The Absolute Romans




Chelsea said...

I like the Roman Books they take me back in time all the vway to the Roman times.

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