Thursday, 18 April 2013

Our New Friends in New Zealand!


We have made some new friends! This week we will be sending emails to our new penpals in Room 1 at Henderson North School in Auckland, New Zealand.

Take a look at their super class blog here:

We hope that we will learn more about going to school in New Zealand and that we can teach our new friends about life in London. We were interested to hear that the children in Room 1 get to learn Maori language.

Can you find New Zealand on this map? It's a long way from the UK! Use your mouse to move around the map and use the + and - signs to zoom in and out. You can move the map (like spinning a globe) by clicking and holding while you drag the mouse.

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Chelsea said...

I can't imagine what it's like to be in New Zealend and have a penpal in New Zealend!It's great!

Amelie said...

I love the comments from new zealend

amelie said...

wow calum you have put a lot of effort

amelie said...

I really like the computers

cesar said...

wow a map

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