Tuesday, 26 July 2016

CARE Awards and Class Dojo Winners!

Congratulations to our CARE Award winners for the Summer term!
Consideration: Jada
Achievement: Kenan
Respect: Justin
Effort: Sophia
Well done!

Congratulations to Maria, who won the class prize for having  the most Class Dojo points this term! Super effort, well done!

HUGE congratulations to Daniel and Owain, who earned the most Class Dojo points this year. They collected points for great behaviour, hard work and a fantastic attitude to school. Well done, gentlemen!

Goodbye and Thank You!

We have had a wonderful year! It was very sad to see you all leave, but it has been a fantastic year and I am very happy to have been one of your teachers. Mrs Hopkins, Mrs Cook and I have loved teaching you all this year. We know you will all do brilliantly in Year 6!

I would like to say a huge thank you to you all and your parents and families for the beautiful cards, lovely messages and very generous gifts I have received from you this week. Thank you so much, I am very grateful.

Please do come back and check the blog over the summer (and feel free to keep visiting and commenting next year!)- I will be adding some games and fun bits and pieces over the summer to keep you busy!

Thank you all for being a super class- stay safe this summer; have fun and come back in one piece!!

Goodbye and thank you,

Mrs Parrott xx

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Season-Shifting at St. Anthony's!

On Friday at St. Anthony's, something very peculiar happened! We found a special letter from a Professor S. E. Asons, asking for our help in solving a very strange mystery.

After assembly, our class had received a scroll with a special clue and we all set about trying to solve the mystery...

We followed our instincts and found something very strange in the cupboard in our school hall...

The season had changed! Although it was a sunny July day, deep inside the cupboard it was winter! We saw snow, a frost-covered forest and even a little winter robin!

The Professor was baffled as to how this could have happened, so all of the children in the school wrote to him with their theory of who might have changed the seasons, how and why.

We came up with many interesting theories. Some children thought it was the Snow Queen, or global warming gone wrong, or Gary our chef (who was suspiciously absent that day!). Some children thought it might be Shakespeare, as we knew he had written a play called 'A Winter's Tale'. Others felt it could be penguins, or a yeti, who were looking for a new habitat.

What was your theory?

Here are some wonderful examples of Free Writing, inspired by our discovery, that we will be sending to the Professor as soon as possible:

 By Sophia

 By Jess

 By Maria

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Super Speedy Year 5!

Source: tpet.com

Yesterday, you had a wonderful morning at Dulwich College for St. Anthony's Sports Day! Unfortunately the weather didn't behave itself in the afternoon, so we finished off the events today. This morning we did the sprint events, to find out who the fastest girl and fastest boy in Year 5 are.

Source: villiers.ealing

After the heats, our finalists were:


Jack G.

Huge congratulations to our winners, who received their medals in the closing ceremony this afternoon:

Fastest Girl in Year 5: Venus
Fastest Boy in Year 5: Owain

Well done everyone for your participation, great sportsmanship and for creating such a wonderful atmosphere!

A Special Invitation!

Source: etiquettescholar

Please do come along with your parents, carers or family to visit our classroom tomorrow or Friday afternoon at 3:30pm. Come in and see all of our topic folders this year; see how hard we have been working!

Zen Gardens

Today, as a part of our Japan topic, we learned about Buddhism. We found out about shrines, shrine rooms and Zen Gardens.

After learning about the importance of Zen Gardens in Japan and when and why they would be used, we designed and made some miniature Zen Gardens of our own!

Here they are:

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Marvellous Manga!

For three weeks, we have been working hard to plan, write, practise and create our own Manga stories.

Here are the wonderful final pieces: