Friday, 29 May 2015



Congratulations to all of the children from St. Anthony's who have made their First Holy Communion this year.

Special congratulations to these children from St. George's:

Justin M

We all hope that you had a wonderful day to celebrate this special sacrament with your families and friends.

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Our Adventure!

Yesterday, we went on a fantastic adventure! We went to Central London to step into the world of 'Kaspar Prince of Cats'.

First, on our arrival in Central London, we walked around Covent Garden Market. We imagined Johnny walking through the market with Countess Kandinsky and looked for clues about the original use of the market:

Next, we arrived at the spectacular Royal Opera House. We were met by David who kindly looked after us for the morning.

We were incredibly lucky to be shown around behind the scenes at the Royal Opera House. We saw the technical areas on the side of the stage, which was a huge space with sets and scenery ready to go on stage for the upcoming performance of an opera called 'La Traviata'.
We were even greeted by one of the opera singers, in full costume!

Following that, we went upstairs and had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to watch part of a class in which the men of the ballet company were rehearsing. We were all astonished by the dancing we saw and were particularly impressed by their wonderful pirouetting. The class was held in a beautiful light room, with a sprung dance floor and a pianist was playing the music for them. David told us about the incredible commitment and hard work that goes into becoming a world class dancer and we were able to ask him lots of questions. We saw dancers from countries all around the world, including the world famous Cuban ballet dancer Carlos Acosta! Wow!

After that wonderful experience, we were able to peek into the studios of the costume department, where they were hard at work making some of the beautiful costumes for the ballet dancers and opera singers.

Next, we walked through some of the areas that guests to the Royal Opera House would visit. We arrived at the famous Floral Hall. David told us that the Floral Hall had that name because it used to house the Covent Garden flower market, where Charles Dickens' Oliver Twist met the Artful Dodger!

We visited The Crush Room next to the auditorium and admired the beautiful chandeliers and fancy decoration. We imagined Countess Kandinsky in this very grand room and wondered whether her home might have had similar decoration!

During a break in the day's rehearsals, David was able to quickly take us into the auditorium to sit in the best seats in the house! This was where Countess Kandinsky found a seat for Johnny to watch her sing in 'The Magic Flute'.
We were able to see the team changing the sets on the stage and we saw where the Queen sat when she recently attended the opera!

After saying goodbye and thank you to David, we were off to the next stage of our adventure! We walked to Victoria Embankment Gardens, where Johnny used to take Kaspar for his daily walks.

Next, we went to the very smart restaurant 'Simpsons on the Strand' and sat in a lovely room upstairs, while we waited to meet our next guide, Dustin.

Dustin arrived and told us about the Savoy's relationship with Kaspar. He told us about the real Kaspar the cat, who had inspired Michael Morpurgo's story. We found out that Kaspar was a cat who lived in the Savoy, then a statue was crafted to remember him, over 100 years ago. Today, if 13 people come to eat at the Savoy, Kaspar joins them as the 14th guest. The statue is brought to the table and a napkin is wrapped around him, then he is served the same food as all of the other guests!

Finally, we split into groups of 10 and Dustin took us into the Savoy! We saw the marvellous front entrance, met a very kind doorman and then entered the beautiful front hall.

The front hall was very beautiful. Dustin told us that it has not changed much in the last 100 years, so would have looked similar when Johnny was working there!

We were all delighted to meet Kaspar! We could look at the statue, but we could not touch him because he is over 100 years old and made from one piece of wood!

What a wonderful day! I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did! What was your highlight of the day?

Election Update...

Next week we will announce the results of the coalition discussions, but for now here are a few more pictures of Middle School Election Day!

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Election Fever!

Source: SFX College

This week, the school has been filled with excitement about the General Election. We have been learning about how UK elections work and how our government is formed. Yesterday we monitored the results of the election with interest throughout the day.

Alongside the General Election, we have had a mock election of our own! Across Year 4 we were divided into four new political parties; The Tomorrow Party, The Vision Party, The Progress Party and The Transform Party. We had to choose our main policies to form a manifesto, elect a leader and deputy leader of the party, design a party logo, create posters and rosettes and prepare speeches. Yesterday, we held a 'Question Time' debate, focusing on the key issues of policing, health and education.

For homework you are designing a persuasive poster to convince people to vote for your party. Here are your key policies, to remind you:

Finally, the time came to vote! We visited the polling station set up in St. Patrick's Class. We registered, received a ballot paper and entered the cubicle to vote, before folding the ballot paper and posting it in the ballot box. (Pictures to follow next week!)

We are pleased to announce the results of the Middle School election:

Progress 19
Tomorrow 21
Vision 27
Transform 14

Therefore, The Vision Party won most votes, but will need to form a coalition with another party to form a government!

Congratulations to all of our political parties!

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

All Aboard!

Yesterday we 'boarded' the Titanic and learned about the departure from Southampton. Take a look at this great website to learn about all of the features of the spectacular ship:
Source: Interactive diagram of the Titanic. Interactive. Britannica Online for Kids<>.

You can explore the rooms, restaurants, decks and other features of the ship. Enjoy!

Saturday, 2 May 2015

An Underwater Adventure

Continuing our oceanic theme this week, we worked together yesterday afternoon to produce some HUGE paintings...

We covered our classroom floor with plastic sheets and taped down some very large pieces of paper. Then we split into two teams to design a large underwater painting. Each group was asked to work together to create an image of life under the sea.

Firstly, the groups drew their ideas out:

Then, we mixed the colours we needed and began to paint...

Here are the marvellous finished pieces:

Finally, the paintings were hung up to dry!