Friday, 26 April 2013

A Great Week!

Well done St. George's Class for a fantastic assembly! You all performed so well today and I had lots of positive feedback about you all. Great job!

The Tallest Building in the World

We had a very interesting discussion yesterday about the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. We found out some key facts- can you find out any other information about the building, or other tall buildings around the world?

Source: wikipedia

New St. Anthony's- By Joseph and Sonny

We love our new school because it has Teletubby hill and a bigger playground. We love our new classrooms because we have a window like an ice-cream van.

Source: BBC

Our new school makes us think of Canada because there are maple leaves everywhere. Our school is more colourful than the old pale green one.

We're inventing games to play in the soft patch in the playground (they have not done the soft patch yet).

By Joseph and Sonny

Teletubby Land! By Eliska

Teletubby Land is a green hill that people like to roll down. It has light green circles. It's got a grey tree background. We thank the builders for making a new school for us. To make it even better they could have added even more colour. Our new school is amazing.

Making the Teletubby hill, before it went green!
By Eliska

Our School Which is New, by Luke, Nathan and Michael

Our new school all started with the new hall which has heaters under the floor and has glass doors. Then came our classrooms where we do our work. When our hall was finished it looked glam! The year 6 portakabins were brought into the playground. Our school is starting to look great!

By Luke, Nathan and Michael

St. George's Class, by Jack and Jonathan

St. George's Class is year three and year four mixed together. When we started Year 4 we were nervous but after the first week we got more confident. After about a month St. George's Class was the best class ever.
In St. George's Class we have our own blog. It is really cool. We are learning about the Vikings. Before the Vikings we were learning about the Romans. It was so much fun.

By Jack and Jonathan

Our New School is Finished! By Rhiannon and Chelsea

Our new school is nearly finished, the builders are just adding a few finishing touches. The great thing is that every single part of the school belongs to us now.

It has got a Telly Tubby land! It is really a green hill that children play on. There are brand new classrooms for everyone.



By Rhiannon and Chelsea

My Holiday- by Caitlin

Source: DreamWorks, 20th Century Fox

On my holidays I went to a theatre to watch a movie. It was called 'The Croods', it was so funny when the grandma said 'I am the winner' and a log hits her with fire on her hand. I laughed a lot til my lungs were laughing. The next day I went to London to see Big Ben, Tower Bridge and Buckingham Palace. I loved it inside but it was cold and we had to wait outside.

Source: bestclipartblog

When it was the night we went to Pizza Hut and had a double cheese with pepperoni. Me and my family went home and fed our rabbit (Molly is her name). We almost forgot to try on our new party clothes for tomorrow was my friend's party and then we went to sleep.

Bye Bye,


Braveheart- a Review by Alfie, Calum and Jacob

Source: Paramount

At the weekend we watched a really good film called Braveheart about Scottish clans at war against the English to get their land back. The main character was William Wallace. We thought it was a very good film. We especially liked the penultimate battle. We think if they left out the execution part it would be better and we think the best bit was when they used the battering to open the gate.

By Alfie, Calum and Jacob

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Happy St. George's Day!

Happy St. George's Day from St. George's Class!

Families and friends, we hope you will be able to come and see our class assembly about St. George this Friday at 9am.


Monday, 22 April 2013

Our Romans Information Books

Last week we looked at lots of information books to find out how they are set out and what techniques they use to present information to their readers. Each group researched a certain area of Roman life and then we each planned and wrote our own information pages. Can you spot some of the techniques we used? Can you see any bullet points, sub-headings, information boxes or pictures with captions?

We then jigsawed our groups so that we had new teams. Each member of the team had written a page about a different topic. We put our pages together, added contents pages and glossaries then made an eye-catching front cover. Now we have six new information books about the Romans to put in our book corner!

Group 1: Roman Life

Group 2: All About the Romans

Group 3: Life in the Roman Times

Group 4: Romans

Group 5: Life in the Roman Times

Group 6: The Absolute Romans