Tuesday, 31 March 2015


Last week, we tried a new form of poetry in St. George's Class! We wrote some Kennings.

A Kenning is an interesting form of poetry that uses only 2 words on each line, with the second word ending in -er. It gives you lots of clues about the subject of the poem, by telling you what it does, or likes or looks like, but it doesn't tell you what the poem is actually about.

Can you be a super Kenning detective and work out what these poems by St. George's class are about?


venus said...

The kennings where really fun

sophia said...

I love the Titanic I can not wait

d said...

I cant wait till we get to the end of term to do something big!!!!!!!!

D&SOPHIA said...

we both love the titanic we cant wait thank you Mrs Parrott !!!!!

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