Sunday, 15 January 2017

Goodbye and Thank You!

It's time to say goodbye, Team. I've loved being your teacher and we've had so much fun in St. Clare's, but it's time for me to look after my baby now!

It has been fantastic being your teacher and I have loved every minute. Even the many, many minutes spent reminding you to tuck in your shirts. Yes, all the way round. No, don’t just pull down your jumper. We can always tell!

I would like to say a huge thank you to you all, and your wonderful families, for all of the lovely cards, drawings, letters, kind words, knitting and gifts that I received this week. You have all been so generous and I feel very overwhelmed by how much care you have shown me and the baby. Please say thank you for me to your parents, carers, grandparents, families and anyone else that needs thanking but might not see our blog!

I'll be popping in to see you regularly and I might even add some bits to the blog as the year goes on, so do check it every now and again. Everything already on the blog will be staying- so you can still admire your marvellous work, play your favourite games and watch all of the videos you've come to love.

I know you're going to have a wonderful year with Mrs Hopkins and Mrs Bennett- you lucky things! 

Goodbye and thank you Team,

Mrs Parrott


Thirsa said...

I will rely miss you miss Parrott

Jess said...

I miss you so much!!

Thirsa said...

everybody miss you

Daniel said...

We miss u Mrs Parrott. Can you come and visit us before the term ends. We wish you a happy holiday with baby Joel and can you post pictures with baby Joel

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