Monday, 9 January 2017

Amazing Artwork!

On Friday afternoon, for our last big art project together, we created a massive masterpiece!
After coming up with lots of nouns, we picked three that were unrelated. The three nouns we chose were: 'fireworks', 'battle' and 'flowers'.

We worked together, as a whole class, to draw an image that combined all three of these things. We had to fill the whole piece of paper:
Next, we were given colourful paints, but we weren't allowed to mix them and if we wanted to use a new colour, we had to swap with someone else. This was tricky at first, but we soon got the hang  of it!

Finally, we added the highlights and shadows with black and white paint, which again, we could not mix:

Here is our finished piece:
Can you think of a suitably marvellous title for our masterpiece?


Beatrice said...

I loved doing this piece of art work and I loved working as a class! I can't think of a title but I am sure we will come up with something!

violet said...

wow that looks amazing

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