Thursday, 10 November 2016

World War One

Take a look at some of the beautiful artwork on these front covers. I can see that a huge amount of effort went into creating these fantastic covers- which will make anyone that picks up your project excited to read on!

In this week of Remembrance, we have been working hard learning more about The Great War. Yesterday, we looked in detail at Wilfred Owen's 'Dulce et Decorum Est'. We analysed the techniques he used and then illustrated some of the lines to show what we understood them to mean.

Today, inspired by Wilfred Owen, we wrote a beautiful poem of remembrance as a class:

Your War, Our Fight

We were the living, we are the dead,
Below the crosses our bodies lie,
Upon the blood-red poppies, dropped shells from above,
In our dreams, they still reach for us.

Watching our brothers die, we struggled on,
Drowning for your freedom,
We thought we would be heroes and yet we perished,
Now we lie beneath the mud, on which we fought your war.

We loved, but love no more,
Families weep receiving tragic telegrams,
Those who loved us; love us more.

The poppies grow above our hearts, which hold the Lie they told us,
Dulce et decorum est, pro patria mori.

By, St. Clare’s Class
Thursday 10th November 2016


gabriel said...

I loved writing this poem so much! It was so powerful I showed my mum and she thought it was really moving!

Klara said...

I love writing poems!

Ann-Marie said...

What a beautiful poem, you have really captured the tragedy of war.

Ferdia said...

i love writin poems

aisling said...

very good poem

klara said...

WW1 is a really interesting topic!

Beatrice said...

I loved this poem my mum and dad cried when I told them when Wilfred Owen died.

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