Monday, 14 November 2016


Source: Chris Holley

On Friday, we remembered all those who had died or been affected by war. This year, the Royal British Legion wanted us to remember not only those who died in World Wars One and Two, but also those affected by wars since then and even today.

We had a special service at 10:45am, ending with a two minute silence and reflection at 11:00am. Can you remember why we hold our silence at exactly 11:00?

In the week before the service, we made poppy artwork and a wreath to offer in memory of the victims of war. Children from every class offered their wreath during the service. It was very special, moving and sombre.


Ferdia said...

i love the roses.

Callm said...

it is really fun

Callm said...

share and care

samuel said...

we will remember them

Thirsa said...

we will remember the people that frighted in the war

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