Thursday, 18 August 2016

Rio Olympics!

Source: Rio Olympics, 2016

Are you enjoying watching the Olympics in Rio as much as I am?! It's so inspiring!

Take a look at these websites to find out even more about all of the events and the medal winners. Click on the picture to open the website!

Newsround- find out all the latest news from Rio on their special site:  

Try these fun games too!

The official mascots help you to find out which Olympic sport you could star in, in the future:

Quiz: Can you spot the famous Olympic faces in this game?


Daniel :{) said...

The Olympics are going so well it is very fun to watch

Justin said...

I can't wait for para olympics!

gabriel said...

I LOVE the olympics

Evan said...

I watched the Olympics it was really cool

aisling said...

i'm happy we came 2 place

callum said...

loved wacthing the Olympics

Evan said...

the Olympics was awesome

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