Saturday, 11 June 2016

Welcome to Japan!

 Kon'nichiwa! Welcome to Japan!

St. Clare's Classroom has become Japanese for the next half term; we look forward to welcoming our visitors next week during One World Week!
 This week, we began learning about Japan and we have created some beautiful work. After finding out about where Japan is and looking closely at the map of Japan in our 'Map from Memory' game, we began the topic with some artwork.
We learned about koinoburi, Japanese fish kites, which are flown across Japan every year for Children's Day. After finding out about the history of kites in Japan, we worked in groups to make some koinoburi of our own. Aren't they beautiful?

On Wednesday afternoon, we spent some time learning about traditional clothing in Japan. We then combined our learning about Japanese clothing with a famous Japanese artform: origami. Each of us made a lady or gentleman in a kimono from paper. Here they are, looking very smart indeed:
On Thursday, we had a wonderful trip to the Embassy of Japan in Central London. Keep your eyes peeled for a special blog post to follow soon...


Caoimhe said...

I love Japan
Next week is one world week

Daniel :{) said...

Learning about Japan is FUN!!!!!

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