Sunday, 8 May 2016

Dulwich Picture Gallery!

On Friday, we had a lovely sunny morning at Dulwich Picture Gallery!

After a very pleasant stroll through the park, we arrived in time for a quick play in the gardens in the sunshine.

Our workshop was linked to our topic at school- so we were experimenting with ways to represent water and rivers.

We used mixed media (what did Jo tell us 'medium' meant in Art?) to create beautiful ink, wax and salt creations to show water and how it reflects light and the sky.

Next, we looked at some woodcut prints by Astrup to inspire our own block printing. We designed a natural landscape and carved it into polystyrene tiles, then printed them above our rivers, to create a mixed media landscape image.

We enjoyed using the printing press again and our skills at printing and painting have really improved!

Here are some great examples of finished pieces:

 Finally, we were able to have a quick walk through the special exhibition of Astrup's work and see some of his impressive woodcut prints, the woodcut blocks themselves and some spectacular landscape paintings.

Source: Dulwich Picture Gallery


Jada said...

I loved the Dulwich Picture Gallery! I honestly think that everyone's print looked great. I really want to do it again.

Venus said...

WOW it looks like great fun I can't wait till we go!!!

Venus said...

WOW it looks like great fun I can't wait till we go!!!

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