Sunday, 28 February 2016

Brilliant British Library Trip!

Source: The Guardian

On Wednesday, we were fortunate to visit The British Library. We admired the beautiful building and felt very privileged to see some of their most precious books in the 'Treasures Collection'.


We had a great workshop with Sheila and Rebecca; firstly, we collected nouns, adverbs and adjectives from the Treasures Collection.

Next, we were inspired by an animation of 'The Jabberwocky' to create a calligraphy presentation of one of our words.

Finally, we worked with a small group to use the words we collected to create a piece of performance art. Some groups wrote poems, others made short plays or told a story.

Our work was combined to make a spectacular book!

What was your highlight of the trip?


Jack G :) said...

The trip was awesome

Jack G :) said...

The trip was awesome

Daniel :{) said...

I really, really enjoyed the trip

D said...

wow that library was MASSIVE I loved it
#epic #i love the library # its so cool

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