Friday, 18 December 2015

CARE Awards

Congratulations to our CARE Award winners for the Autumn term!
Consideration: Amelie F
Achievement: Finn
Respect: Owain
Effort: Mina
Well done!

Congratulations to Daniel, who won the class prize for having  the most Class Dojo points this term! Super effort, well done!


Daniel :{) said...

I actually can't believe I had the most points this term thank you so much for the present Mrs Parrott

Jess said...

What was your fab present Daniel? 😃

Jess said...

It's nearly Christmas. Or should I say the night before Christmas 🎅🎅!

Daniel :{) said...

Jess I'm going to open my present on Christmas I don't know what it is yet

Sophie and Jess said...

Cool Daniel, my friend Sophie is over and her dog is trying to lick us and the iPad !

Sophia said...

Well done!!!

Sophia said...

You did a very good job.

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