Friday, 23 May 2014

Southwark Recycling Discovery Centre

Yesterday we went on a fantastic trip to the Southwark Recycling Discovery Centre. Sharon, Julie and Ian taught us all about recycling in Southwark and we played some fun games. We found out what we could bring to the centre to be recycled and what happens to it when we do.

We enjoyed the discovery centre's activities, such as the 'Smurf'- a miniature sorting machine and learned how the real machines sort the mixed recycling into plastic, paper, cardboard, steel and contaminants.

We played some exciting games that tested what we had learned about recycling. Our top score was 200 points! Well done Michael and Leo!

The most exciting part of the day was the tour of the MRF (Materials Recovery Facility). We went into the HUGE building which was filled with fast-moving machines and we met some of the staff who work so hard to sort our recycling. We saw recycling in action; as the machines sorted most of the paper, plastic or metal, then the staff sorted what remained by hand. Everything was fascinating- it was very hot, fast and smelly but good fun!




We enjoyed wearing high-vis jackets, hard hats, earphones and goggles too!


evelyn said...

it was so fun

ella said...

My favourite thing in the room was the Smurf!

michael said...

I liked this trip

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