Sunday, 18 May 2014

Some Great Green Screen Examples!

This half term, we have been working on a green screen project in St. George's Class. We have made lots of films and we are proud of them all. We used an app called Do Ink on our iPad to combine our actors with some unusual backgrounds. We covered a whole corner of our classroom (walls and floor) with green backing paper and used it as our green screen. The Do Ink app allowed us to film in front of the green screen, then remove the green background and replace it with another image or film, just like they do in Hollywood!

Here are some super examples:

Well done everybody! The children filmed, performed and edited the videos. We might put some more up on the blog next week.


plamedi said...

I really loved doing the green screen it was really cool thank you Miss Benn

Daniel said...

The green screen looks really fun to do and the silent movies

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