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Story Competition- Chapter 3

Chapter 3- Group 1

Phil looked up and saw the twelve princesses, but he only saw 11 shadows. Behind him, he saw Mario and Rumplestiltskin. Rumplestiltskin was holding a baseball bat and then Big Bully Billy appeared and said, "I knew where you were all the time!"

They formed a circle and aimed at Phil. The chase began. A tree knocked Phil out, so everything went black for him. The next thing he knew, he was in a cage with one of the twelve princesses. Mario walked out and said, "You have a choice, of a baseball bat...or a baseball bat!"

He took one of the baseballs and knocked out Rumplestiltskin. Mario said, "Eat my baseball!" and threw the baseball at him. Phil smashed the base ball back at Mario. Then he saw a shadow which was Big Bully Billy.

Phil wanted to go to a different country but he didn't have his hat. So Phil looked left and right and he saw his hat. Near Billy he started to run, but Phil tripped over and...

Chapter 3- Group 2

A wolf jumped out! Its eyes were a furious red and its shaggy fur was matted and grey. Phil didn't wait to be told twice. He scrambled up and ran.

Blood pounding in his ears, until he was beyond exhaustion, Phil ran. And suddenly there was a jolting on his arm and he was pulled sharply to the left.

Phil was in a cottage. There was a group of, well, it WAS unbelievable, but a group of PIGS staring at him! They looked vaguely familiar, and then Phil remembered. They were the Three Little Pigs!

Phil woke up suddenly. He thought over his day. The pigs had been kind to him, but he didn't want to stay here for long. He suddenly realised he was desperately thirsty, and went downstairs to get a drink. He was creeping downstairs, when suddenly...

Chapter 3- Group 3

Mario came zooming in his go kart with Rumplestiltskin and the princess. Suddenly, a chocolate tree fell on Mario's go kart and made it brown. Mario and Rumplestiltskin got out of the car for an hour. The princess quickly escaped. She remembered that she had left her magic wand in her pocket.

So the princess turned herself completely brown. The princess camouflagued herself into a brown tree then started rolling down the path like a rolling log, until she got to the stairs of the ballroom.

Phil was running behind her as fast as he could. Then, he spotted her and helped her up the stairs. They danced together at the ball and had an amazing time together.

Mario and Rumplestiltskin saw them and started chasing her and suddenly...

Chapter 3- Group 4

BUUUURRRRP! Phil turned around, he saw 2 shadows coming towards him. He ducked behind the tree and peeked out. It was Mario and Rumplestiltskin! They were holding a sack. Phil thought about it and remembered about what had happened.

He said aloud, "That must be one of the twelve dancing princesses."
"Who said that?" said Rumplestiltskin.
"OOPS!" said Phil.

They started walking towards him, then Phil remembered he had the Hat of Ultimate Transportation. He saw a hut and used the hat and ended up in the castle.

He saw the other eleven princesses and they were trapped in a little jail. Then all of a sudden the light went OFF and Mario and Rumplestiltskin stormed in...

Chapter 3- Group 5

There was a tall long chocolate carriage. He caught a glimpse of the person inside. Phil decided to follow the carriage. As soon as he got close enough, he leapt on top of the carriage and saw the princess with Mario and Rumplestiltskin.

Suddenly, they were passing through a forest of volcanoes. Next thing Phil heard was that Mario is going to fill the empty volcano with boiling Coca-Cola.

Then Rumplestiltskin used a catapult made of flakes and a metal polo to put her in and flung her into the volcano. Phil fell off while Rumplestiltskin put her into the catapult.

Suddenly, the princess was flying in the air. Then Phil remembered he had the hat. He said, "I wish I could go to wherever the princess will land." Meanwhile, the princess passed the volcano and headed for Phil and landed in Phil's arms. Phil felt like he was in...

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