Thursday, 10 October 2013

Headteacher's Challenge!

Mr. Owens has set you a challenge! Go to the school website by clicking this link:

Mr. Owens says:

"According to a link on your curriculum pages, when did Christopher Columbus first visit Trinidad? Why can this date not be correct? (You need both answers!)

Answers with name, class and in your best presentation to the Headteacher Challenge box by Tuesday 15th October."

You can find the curriculum pages here:

Can you solve the problem? Write out your answer in your best handwriting and put it in the Headteacher Challenge box asap!


Amelie,Aimee,Evelyn said...

Amelie.s, Aimee and Evelyn will try the Headteacher's challenge

Ella F said...

I wonder who will win the challenge?

alice said...

i get stage fright so i am not going to do the head teachers challenge

Molly said...

I love the head teachers challenge but sometimes it's very tricky

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