Thursday, 3 October 2013


Today we had a fantastic day out! We went to Cubana Restaurant and tried lots of new food. Cubana is a Cuban restaurant and is full of interesting things to look at. We saw some flags, posters and photographs from Cuba and the restaurant was very colourful and interesting.

We met a lovely lady called Louise, who taught us about where the restaurant found their recipes and why they chose certain ingredients. Then we met the chef, who talked to us about 3 special dishes, which we then got to taste!

Today we tried: Chorizo croquettes, Cuban falafel and sesame chicken.
Which was your favourite?
Can you remember how they were made?

The chef showed us how they shaped the croquettes and falafel, so we all tried to make the correct shapes with the ingredients. It was quite tricky!

After our yummy Cuban food, we each had a special Cuban tropical smoothie. These special smoothies are made with EIGHT fruits! They were made from; strawberries, mango, banana, pineapple, passion fruit, orange, coconut and watermelon.

I was very impressed with how sensible you all were today. Everyone tasted everything and you were all incredibly polite. You asked some interesting and well considered questions and all the staff at the restaurant were very pleased to meet you. It was a great day!


Ella f said...

The food in the restaurant was the best ever!

Ellis said...

The sesame chicken was amazing but the smooth was the best in the world.

alice said...

my favriote was falafel

sonny said...

my favourite dish was sesame chicken .

Theadora said...

I loved the tropical smothie it was delicious

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