Tuesday, 1 October 2013

A Busy Week Ahead!

We have an exciting and busy week to look forward to in St. George's Class this week!

Source: cobra.be

Tomorrow we have a professional dancer from The Royal Ballet coming to teach us some Cuban dance moves! His name is Sander and he will be helping us to learn about Cuba in a new way.

On Thursday, we are going on a trip to Cubana restaurant in London. We will be learning about Cuban food and how it is made, then we will get to taste some Cuban dishes!

It is very important that your parents or carers tell me if there is anything that you cannot eat or drink. Please make sure that they come and talk to me if there is anything we must avoid. Please click this link to check allergy information: http://www.cubana.co.uk/food/?mypets=0 Then click the green 'Allergy Information' banner.

You can look at the restaurant's website here: http://www.cubana.co.uk
On the website, you can look at the menus to see some examples of the food we will be tasting.
It will be a very fun day out!

Remember to bring a piece of fruit to eat when we get back to school, a waterproof jacket and remember to ask your parents to talk to me if there is anything you cannot eat or drink.


michael said...

i am excited today thank you miss bean for getting us to go on the trip i think today is going to be epic so epic i would be ful

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