Friday, 27 September 2013

Using Voki for Animation 1

Yesterday we had a really fun ICT lesson, using a website called 'Voki' to create animations. Each group produced animations of three characters from our class story, 'The Girl Who Spun Gold': Lit'mahn, Quashiba and Big King.

I am so impressed with these animations- you clearly thought very carefully about the appearance, clothing, background and voice of each character, as well as planning what you wanted them to say.

Here are the characters made by Table 3:


Click the links below to see their other characters:

Queen Quashiba- click here!

Big King- click here!


Ella said...

Making our voki characters was so much fun! Can we do it again?

joseph said...

i went to see justin with oliver in st patrick i like the 3D glasses it was very good when a weird guy tries to be a magician i would recommend for other people to watch it so watch it but it's coming out soon.

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