Friday, 9 August 2013

Congratulations Cordelia!

Dear St. George's Class old and new,

I hope you are having a wonderful summer so far! I received a message today pointing out that I had somehow missed Cordelia's award when I was typing up the list of awards from the end of term. I am so sorry Cordelia - what a silly mistake! Of course Cordelia won an award too (I believe it was for the lovely quality of quietness, but I am far away in Morocco and unfortunately I don't have my list with me to check) . I am very sorry for this silly mistake Cordelia - perhaps the heat wave at the end of term left me a bit confused?! Well done for your award!

If I have been silly enough to miss anyone else off the list, please do let me know!

Best wishes from Morocco- I will update the blog as soon as I return,

Miss Benn


Ella.F said...

I am having a great time in France,but I'm looking forward to coming back to school as well!

Cordelia said...

Thank you so much miss Benn for the lovely comment.And don't worry everyone forgets things sometimes.I hope you are having a lovely holiday in Morocco.

joseph said...

i finished on level 2 ad the game was great

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