Monday, 17 June 2013

The Hungry Forest

As Prince Ivan approached the 'Edge of the Kingdom' in Firebird, we used the illustration and description to inspire another great class poem.

We looked at this spooky picture:

We completed 'Zone of Relevance' diagrams about  the picture. The words that we thought described the scene really well went into the red zone, then as they got less relevant they were put further out on the target board. The words that really didn't describe the scene well were put right outside the target in the white area.

Then we worked in small groups to write some words and phrases that we thought described the picture in an interesting way.

We used these super ideas (plus lots more!) to write our class poem. We used the ladder game again;  great lines from different children were written onto strips of paper. We stuck them on the board, then moved them around until we had the poem just right. We left the title until last, to make sure it suited the poem perfectly.

Here is our ladder poem:

The final poem:

The Hungry Forest

The moon shines as a spotlight of hope,
Calmer than anyone had ever known,
The sky as dark as the wolf's heart,
As black as a raven's wing.

The trees cover the moonlight,
Branches snapping menacingly in the whispering forest,
Eyes glowing from the mysterious bushes,
Hungry for meat.

By St. George's Class


Ella.F said...

I love doing class poems, and this one was especially fun!Thank you Miss Benn!

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Emily said...

cool poem wish it was mine

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