Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Andy Warhol Self Portraits

Before half term, we looked at some great Andy Warhol artwork. We liked the cartoon-style, the patterns and the way he repeated a picture, but changed the colours.

We used his style to create some self-portraits of our own.

Here are some super examples:

By Caitlin

By Chelsea

By Gabriel

By Jonathan

By Rosa


Antonio said...

Well done all of you!!!! They look AMAZING

giulia said...

I love them well done !

Rosa said...

I am proud of my work

Anna said...

i love it all

Ella.F said...

Doing the Andy Warhol pictures was really cool! I love them!

Chelsea said...

The self-portraits look like quadruplets on a piece of paper,all in diffrent colours.

pearl said...

I loved that lesson it was the lesson ever!

Chelsea said...

These self-portraits look like quadruplets.

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