Thursday, 16 May 2013

QR Codes

Today we found out what QR codes are and what they are used for.

QR stands for Quick Response. They are odd-looking patterns that you see everywhere now; on adverts, in newspapers, on the back of cereal packets...

If you have a smart phone, you can download a free QR Code Reader app. Then you just need to point your phone's camera at the code and it should open up the website, video or picture that it links to.

Remember not to scan any codes, or open any links, without the permission of an adult.

Today we experimented with making our own QR codes. We used a QR code generator called to make our codes, which all link to our blog. We will be putting them up around the school, to encourage people to visit our blog. We experimented with different patterns, shapes and colours.

Here are some super examples:

 By Agatha
 By Antonio
 By Cassea
 By St. George's Class
 By Abel
 By Ella F.
By Nathan


Ella F said...

I love our QR codes!

giulia said...

I love them there GREAT.

Chelsea said...

I love our new website Miss Benn!

sofia said...

I really liked doing the QR codes thank you Miss. Benn!

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