Saturday, 2 March 2013

The Midas Touch!

This week we received a very special message from King Midas! When we came into our classroom on Wednesday, an enemy of King Midas had hidden all of these gold objects around our room!

Once we had worked in teams to find all of King Midas' gold for him, we collected lots of adjectives to describe them, then wrote some poems about the King's favourite thing: GOLD!

Here are some super examples:

By Michael

By Anna

By Caitlin

By Jacob

 By Antonio
 By Luke

By Aoife
 By Cassea
 By Ella W.
By Calum
We read a great version of 'King Midas and the Golden Touch' by Charlotte Craft. We enjoyed the story and loved the beautiful illustrations by K. Y. Craft.
Source: Charlotte Craft, KY.Craft, Harper Collins
Halfway through the story, we stopped and thought about what Midas might be thinking and feeling at this point in the story. We made a 'role on the wall' diagram for Midas- here is an example:

Then we drew pictures to show what we would do if we had the Midas touch!
We read the rest of the story, then made Fortunately-Unfortunately graphs, to show how Midas' luck changes throughout the story. When things are good for Midas, the line on the graph goes up and when things go wrong, the line goes down. Here is an example:
On Friday, we imagined that we had the Midas touch and worked in groups to make a 3D collage of items that Midas might touch. We also thought about mixing textures and using the paper folding and shaping skill that we learnt from Licy and Philippa. 

Here are the collages, before they were touched by Midas!

Here they are after the Midas touch! Our gold collages:

What do you think?


cordelia said...

I love the golden art work

Chelsea said...

I like the art work when it was sprayed gold.

anna said...

i wish i was there.

marielle said...

I love the art work we did.Thankyou Miss Benn!

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