Sunday, 17 March 2013

Banned Words Challenge!


A new 'Banned Words Challenge' for you: it's a tricky one! I would like you to describe a chair (tell me what a chair is) without using the following words:

  • chair
  • sit
  • sitting
  • sat

There will be a Class Dojo point for the best answer. Good luck!


Ella.f said...

Four sleek wooden legs,a soily brown seat rather like a tabletop, a firm, straight back.It is a right angle,joined neatly together at the corners.To get comfortable when you position yourself in it, you have to bend yourself into the exactly the same shape as this piece of furniture.They come in all different shapes and sizes.

cordelia said...

A brown wooden figure that is also a sturdy,glossy and fine. It also keeps your back straight

rosa said...

Nise and conftuble glossy like the sea an it's sturdy you can get them in all different shades of brown.

Chelsea said...

The comfiness of the smooth and shiny surface.

sonny said...

Four wooden legs,with a hazel-coloured seat.Sometimes creaking,sometimes not.It makes you want to relax your bottom.

AGATHA said...

the brown chair as still as a freezing lady bird also like a tall figrue.

gabriel said...

It is wooden and there are lots of differnt shades of brown.

giulia and rhiannon said...

Its wood,its got a square seat,four long legs,its comfortoabel and usaly brown.

Aoife said...

Comfort and relaxation
Have a little sleep
Any time
In the day
Rest your bottom

Eliska said...

four sleek wooden legs stand tall and proud.Rest ,relax and be yourself.They are normally found near or tucked under tables.

rosa said...

opauque wooden plastic big small casts a shadow in the sun

rm1 hns said...

Hi St. George,

What is this pupose of doing this? This is such a cool idea !

Henderson North School

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