Friday, 18 January 2013

*Star Poems*

This week, we read this fantastic poem by James McGonigal.

We asked lots of questions about the poem and we liked that there was no right or wrong answer to them.

Have a think about these questions:

Does this poem remind you of anything that has ever happened to you or someone you know?

Does this poem remind you of anything you have ever read, seen on TV, seen in a film or heard in a song?

Are there any questions you would like to ask anyone or anything from the poem?

Some children used pastels to show what the poem made them think and feel.

By Abel

By Antonio
By Sofia

By Amelie

By Ella W.
Some children wrote some fantastic poems of their own, inspired by the poem we read together. Click the pictures to make them bigger and easier to read:

By Ella F.

By Sonny
By Aoife

By Jack

By Joseph
One group of children collected pictures, colours and symbols from magazines to make a montage to represent the poem. I'm sure you'll agree it looks quite spectacular!

By Agatha, Michael, Jacob, Calum, Anna and Cassea.
Another group of children spent time looking through a whole collection of poetry books from our poetry box and found many poems that were somehow connected to 'Little Star'. Some were about stars, some about the sky, or night, or space...
They made a super anthology (collection of poems) for the poetry section of our book corner. Well done Jonathan, Luke, Marielle, Chelsea and Eliska.
The final group put on a 'Poetry Show' for us and performed 'Little Star'. They used decided who would say what, then added sound effects, actions and repetition to make a very impressive performance of the poem. Well done Rosa, Gabriel, Giulia, Rhiannon, Nathan and Pearl!


Chelsea said...

The Little Star poem reminds me of a shooting star ZOOOOOOOMING right across the night sky the poem also reminds me of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and
I would like to ask you Miss Benn, what is your favourite sentence?I like the picture because they are so creative and well designed.I like table ones poems be they rhyme a little bit and have great words in.I like the montage because they have beautiful pictures and symbols.I like the word "Anthologhy because I love poetry, really.Well done with the Poetry Show I wish I could see it again.

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